Laser profiling in 3D is ideal for complicated work that requires the highest accuracy, either as part of a design and development project or for a long production run.

Our skills in programming make rapid prototypes a cost effective and vital tool to secure design lead contracts where often just showing a drawing is not enough or practical.

Working with round or square tubes we can spin around your products in seconds using our state of the art equipment.



 We are able to process materials of various thicknesses depending on mild or stainless steel.



Regardless of if you are using robotic or manual jig welding our accuracy and skills in programming mean that it's possible to run perfect welds that need minimum dressing and finishing.


Laser profiling and precision sheet metal is vital for a variety of Industries cutting a wide range of materials from Mild steel, Brass , Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Nickel Alloys .

  • Automotive Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Marine Engineering
  • Electronics Enclosures

Laser cutting whether 3D or 2D guarantees accuracy and quality that can’t be matched and is ideal for fast prototyping small batches, or for carrying out large production runs where cost is important.

Send us drawings as a dwg or dfg file or ask us to do a full design service from the initial concept to a final finished product, as we offer all types of welding and sheet metal facilities including CNC press brakes and turret presses to ensure you get the an inclusive service.

 An example of stainless steel plate cut to exact tolerances on our standard 2D laser tables .  






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