We offer a wide range of services to support our industrial and manufacturing clients across the West Midlands. We are always happy to take a new design or production requirement from a client and turn that idea into a reality. Whether it be aluminium fabrications, pipe work, stainless steel cutting, welding and fabrication, metal stillages, frames or bogeys, shelving or racking, we can offer a solution using state of the art equipment in custom-designed facilities, and utilising a skilled workforce.

Our labour rates cannot be beaten in the uk, a cost that we will be happy to prove. We can offer labour rates close to those of China.

Design service

We can offer our clients assistance with turning their ideas into reality, whether that be a new product or an existing line. We can assist with turning those drawings into practical processes and finished products, the quality of a high standard, the prices very low.

We produce a wide range of products for our clients, including such simple practical applications as bike stands and bike frames for schools and colleges.

Our more regular general metal fabrication work often involves the production of cages and stillages to given designs, sizes, materials and specifictaions. We can handle small orders, or production runs in the hundreds or thousands.

We are often involved in producing static cages, or with castors fitted, stillages suitable for forklift trucks, a-frames both static and mobile, glass handling stillages, or security cages and stillages.

In addition to stillages and cages, we are often involved with the production or trolleys and bogeys as detailed below, pipe metal work with a paint finish, trolleys suitable for warehouses, factories or cash and carry outlets. We undertake production for a wide range of products, and each can be tailor made and slotted into a production run in consultation with our clients.

We can handle a wide vareity or designs and product applications, both in aluminium and sheet metal, and can produce examples quickly from drawings. Contact us with your specific requirements and let us give you a cost and a timeframe, as well as a sample product.

                                                                                     Email: sales@rentalspec.com                     Tel:02920 450 128

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